Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Installation and Replacement

Keller Pool and Spa - Your Preferred Choice for Vinyl Liner Replacement

Is your swimming pool liner faded, torn in the corners, or full of patches? Keller Pool & Spa is the Redding area's leader in vinyl pool repair expertise. We install only top-quality liners known for maximum strength and durability. We have a great selection of liner prints available to give your pool a colorful new look. Our vinyl liner replacement process will always include the following steps:

  • Pumping the old water from the pool
  • Removal and disposal of the old liner
  • Inspection of the pool structure for harmful damage
  • Smoothing of the pool bottom
  • Installation of wall foam and interior gaskets, as needed
  • Installation of the custom-fitted pool liner
  • Replacement of face plates for the skimmers, returns, and drains
  • Reinstallation of the step and light trims, if applicable 

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